“Before we lead others we must first lead ourselves”

I am an optimistic realist. I recognise the realities of the challenges of life but I strive to challenge my own perceived limitations and in doing so inspire others to do the same. At 20 years of age I sustained a spinal cord injury leaving me with 15% muscle function. This event could have been the end for me but I chose to see it as a source of opportunity to grow, learn and to reset how I look at life and what is possible.

I began speaking about my experiences and how I dealt with the challenges that I faced, and continue to face, as seen in my TEDx talk - Fearless Like A Child. I continue to motivate, challenge and provoke his audiences not only through speaking but also through blog writings, media interviews and video.

Having released Breaking Boundaries in 2016, an award winning documentary broadcast internationally I was recently included in a list of ’50 Incredible People Who Are Shaping Modern Ireland’. A selection of companies and seminars I have worked with in the past are listed below.

I offer a wealth of speaking experience to diverse audiences from international summits to corporate training days, but in particular my young years allows me to connect with a young audience. I offer three options:

  • Key note speaker - Moving a crowd with my experiences and insights.

  • Personal leadership, Mindfulness and Goal setting workshops - Connecting with a crowd setting tangible goals to maximise themselves to have the ultimate impact on the people around them.

  • Panel discussion with a Q&A - Allowing the audience to to get a deeper level of learning with more meaningful questions from individual attendees.