In 2012, everything changed for Jack Kavanagh. Having just completed his first year in Trinity College, Jack was holidaying in Portugal. A windsurfer of some repute, Jack’s familiarity with the water did not protect him from what was to come. Diving into an oncoming wave, Jack collided with a hidden sandbank and was instantly paralysed.

In the years that have since passed, Jack has shown extraordinary courage in overcoming adversity. Despite his difficulties he has shown that limitations are only perceived and in so doing has inspired thousands of people who have heard his story.

Prior to the accident, Jack made a pact with his friend, David Henry. They agreed that before the realities of life sent them their separate ways they would embark on the trip of a lifetime, travel the world and return with stories that they could share with their grandchildren. Notwithstanding the obvious challenges, Jack sought to fulfill that promise

“Breaking Boundaries” is a documentary that follows Jack and his friends as they head to the west coast of America in search of adventure. 

The journey brings them to amazing places and introduces them to some amazing people. As they eat up the Californian miles, they get to skydive over Perris, camp out in Yosemite and hang out with U2. 

Yet Jack’s resolute spirit is also tested throughout the journey. Amidst the highs, there are many lows that put Jack’s own circumstances into perspective whilst also providing a stark reminder of the fragility of life itself.

Of his uplifting and touching account, Jack says: “We learned a lot about ourselves on the trip, but more importantly it was the end of one chapter and the beginning of something very new. When we came home from America, all of us were inspired because we had shown that we could achieve anything. Obstacles no longer seem like obstacles and I am embracing even more challenges because I began to relish that uncomfortable place in which you exist when you are challenged - developing, adapting and overcoming. This journey was important to me… It proved to me that I could achieve anything in my life.”

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