Optimistic Realism - a busy few months!

I find it hard to understand how its taken me a full week to get over the jetlag coming home from San Francisco, but then again its been a busy summer and year before that.

I’ve always believed in goal setting – optimistic realism being the key to setting and sustainably achieving them. What I mean by that is setting goals that you know you can achieve but that you also know will push you to your limits. That’s what this year has been all about for me.

Early last year I set the goal very publicly with that with some of my best friends we were going to go travel and to document the story and produce a documentary. This was going to be a challenge for so many reasons, not least that none of us had ever produced a documentary in our lives and that this was also the first big trip I had undertaken since being injured. There was a lot of questions unanswered as to how we were going to achieve this goal we had set for ourselves but what was most important was that each of us believed 100% that we could do it. We attached so much emotion to it that we could see it, feel it and taste in our minds eye and so basically it’s the concept of manifestation – we thought it into reality. Its like the story of Jim Carey when he was broke and doing standup comedy in small dingy LA clubs. Every night he used to go up to the top of a hill and visualise himself landing a big role and bringing his humour to the world and the lifestyle he envisaged would go with it. He wrote himself a cheque for 10 million dollars and dated it for five years time. Everywhere he went he carried the cheque as a constant reminder of this goal he wanted to fulfil. Shortly before the end of the fifth year he landed the part in Dumb and Dumber, his paycheque was 10 million dollars. This is an extreme example but like us he had only a vague idea of how he was going to achieve his target but when he believed in it so much it naturally directed his thought and actions towards making choices and meeting people that would open doors and help him on his way. Basically we believed in what we were doing so much that the right people came our way and helped us overcome the hurdles to make Breaking Boundaries a reality. That has been an amazing lesson for all of us, that when we believe in something so much the world conspires to make it so. 

For the first time over the last few years I’ve allowed myself to give myself a pat on the back recently, I really realised all that has happened over the past year. I took on a full year at college and despite it being very intense with everything else that was happening, happily I got through it. This summer has been a rollercoaster in and of itself, from finishing exams early in June my time has been filled with work experience, working full time on the documentary, speaking engagements, and travel. I’ve really realised that when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone we are capable of so much more than we ever thought possible.

The trip back to San Francisco last week was the culmination of a whole lot of work and I have to say it felt great. Last year when we went out there some amazing people helped us organise a fundraiser for the documentary and we felt that it was only right to go back out and show them what they had helped to create in person. From meeting some very inspiring people and new friends, to wine tasting in the Napa valley we had a fantastic time and couldn’t really put into words what the week was like in terms of impacting our outlook. There is such a “can do” attitude out there added to their infectious positivity that just gets in your bones. Thank you to all involved, particularly Ian, Brian, Suzette, Bridget and Jeff.

I have to say none of what has been achieved over the past year would be possible without the amazing support of the people around me, friends and particularly family. The help and support they offer every day is incredible. They are due a huge amount of credit for helping me create the best reality I can for myself and the people around me – thank you guys!

Its only a short two weeks before final year begins and all that goes with that but until then I’ll leave you with some pics from the summer.

Chat soon and as ever thanks for all the good vibes over the past few months.

This is only the beginning,