Documentary describes Jack Kavanagh and his inspirational journey. As a speaker Jack draws on the personal challenges he has faced in overcoming and thriving in the face of the perceived obstacles of his spinal cord injury. Jack challenges people to thin outside the box, to face challenges and adapt by realizing they have the power to decide how they choose to respond to life circumstances, by implementing simple strategies to triumph over their adversity and how focusing only on impressing your self can lead you to new heights and is the process by which we can become our own hero. He says “everybody has their shit, its just boxed in different ways”, understanding this can open your mind and see that everyone faces struggles and that by recognizing this and targeting our response we can determine the outcome and come to believe that limitations are only perceived.  Jack, Kavanagh, Jack Kavanagh, Ireland, California, Trinity, Trinity College, Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Breaking, Boundaries, Breaking Boundaries, Documentary, Spinal, Injury, Cord, Spinal Cord Injury, Quadriplegic, C5, C6, C5/C6, Motivate, Speaker, Inspire, Inspiring, Inspirational, Journey, Trip, Travel, America, Student, Public, Relations, Officer, Public Relations Officer, ENACTUS, everybody, shit, boxed, TEDx, Fearless, Child, Fearless Like A Child, 3e, TV3

Hey everyone,

Its been a while since I’ve been in touch abut the documentary, too long in fact and in my book that’s not ok, but let me explain. When an idea grabs me and I really believe in it I sometimes cant help myself and just go for it and figure out the logistics after, this is a perfect example. I had the idea, put it out to the world, people bought into it and then the onus is on me to deliver.

This project – ‘Breaking Boundaries’ – has been a learning curve for all of us involved from the beginning. We threw ourselves in and in many ways were naïve about the scale of the project we had embarked on. We have had dealings with a number of production teams and in the end pulled the project from them because their vision for the project was disjointed from ours. So before Christmas we took the doc on ourselves and edited it from scratch to produce a 30 minute documentary which was due to be broadcast. We had a marketing strategy and pre-screening ready to be rolled out but at this stage bureaucracy got in the way and slowed the process. 

As a team it was hard to keep momentum. I was full time in college and coming into exams, David and Leen were working full time and it became more and more difficult to put the time and energy needed into taking the project to the screen. As time went on I got embarrassed, not that I needed to, but I felt that I was falling down on the commitment I had made to deliver an that did not sit well with me.

Exams are over and we have all set time aside to do this documentary the justice it deserves. We have nailed down a broadcaster and as I write I am siting in the editing suite. The energy and enthusiasm we have to share this journey with the world is back and infectious once more. I am delighted to be able to tell you all that we are not the only ones that believe this is an amazing story and that the documentary will now be an hour long and given the room it needs to be told properly. Despite the delays we have experienced we are delighted now that the story will go out in a format that we can all be proud.

We cannot wait to share it with all of you and thank you for your patience.